Getting Started

Getting your Provisional Licence is the first step towards your full driving licence. There are certain requirements you need to meet to enable you to successfully apply.

  • You are a resident of Great Britain
  • You meet the minimum age requirement
  • Your eyesight is of necessary standard
  • You can pay by credit or debit card (for online applications)
  • You have a valid UK passport or another form of identity
  • You can provide addresses of where you have lived over the last three years
  • The application form (D1) can be obtained from the post office or you can apply online.

    Once you have received your provisional licence you can start taking lessons with Driveforce Solihull but you also need to think about taking your theory test. The theory test is made up of two sections: multiple choice questions and a hazard perception part. You will be shown various computer video clips containing at least one developing hazard which requires you to click your mouse as soon as you are aware of the problem. For example a developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action, such as changing speed or direction.

    Well done! You have passed your theory test so Driveforce will continue to give you first class tuition to reach your goal of being at test standard at the point of your test. When your driving has reached a suitable level your instructor will advise you when you are approaching test standard so you can apply for a practical test.

    The driving test is straightforward and has been designed to see if you:

  • can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions
  • know The Highway Code and can demonstrate this through your driving
  • After meeting your examiner, the next two stages are:

  • an eyesight check - if you fail this, your test will not continue
  • your examiner will ask you two questions about carrying out vehicle safety checks

  • You'll be asked one 'show me' and one 'tell me' question. One or both questions answered incorrectly will result in one driving fault being recorded.

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    Why choose Driveforce?

    Choosing Driveforce would be the best choice to avoid the ten most common reasons why test candidates fail. We cover all of these in our lessons thoroughly to make sure you're prepared for your test.

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